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Monday, September 8, 2014

Week #90 Being Transferred

Week # 90 Noventa freaking semanas. FIRST OF ALL HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MOM AND AND AND GRANDMA AND GRANDPA KENNINGTON! That's such I nice thing knowing that my family is a happy family and are still marries after so many years, one day I will be married too here in ten years or so haha, but really congrats and I hope it is a wonderful day for all of you. Today officially started my second to last transfer.  12 weeks left. Well surprises with transfers, I´m getting transferred! Again!   I'm going up North, way way up North, the last city in our mission North. I'm going to a city called Alta Floresta. Which is only about 24 hours on a bus worth of travel. So Alta Floresta is a group. It was opened this year, and it seems to be growing. I'll be about the ninth missionary to work there, it sounds like nobody knows or has heard of the church there so it will be a totally different style of working there. But the craziest part is that I am going to be with Elder Moraes!!! I don't know if you guys remember him, but hes probably the Elder that I have most gotten to know on the mission, just cause I have lived in with him in two areas, he was almost always in the same zone as me as well, and now we are going to be companions! It will be another co senior companionship, this is his last transfer so I will be his last companion, so he only has 6 more weeks than me on the mission. Its going to be a crazy transfer, but I'm super excited. Elder Moraes is from Curitiba, he is a tall elder and is in several of my pictures that I have sent in the past. This week I was contemplating my life and my area and I decided that I really didn't want to leave Bandeirantes, I like it to much here, the members, the area, the missionaries, everything. The only reason I'm not too sad about leaving is because I know that I will be going to a neat area and I will be with one of my favorite missionaries. We worked so much this week and found a ton of elect people, and some not so elect people, but I was really looking forward to be here more; to be able to work more with these people, but I guess that wont be happening, one thing is 99% sure though, and that is that I will be going to my last area. My companion keeps good at keeping up on how  many days we have left and we have officially 83 days left until we get on our plane back home. Its still so much time though. Anyway, I don't have a whole lot of time to write cause we are wanting to run to the center again today to do some last minute stuff, but this week I bought some shoes, I got them on sale for 50 reais, so it was probably like 20 something dollars, they are good shoes that should last me another 3 months, I plan on just throwing them out at then end and just coming home with my beat up shoes. I will be getting on the bus at 8 tonight and will get to Cuiabá at about 8 in the morning and will leave there and get to Alta Floresta at about midnight, so I will leave tonight and get in my area probably the end of Wednesday or the start of Thursday. I have a long long ride ahead of me! This week like I said was good, we taught alot of people and we did a service project throwing down sod, we did it at a members that are super sweet, I will miss them. It wasn't so hot this week which was a great blessing, so this week we had our mission tour, it was really great, we had Elder and Sister Campos come, it was cool we had some good trainings with them, they talked about the importance of having the spirit when we teach, he told us that if we teach without the spirit we are pretty much killing our investigators, that was a comment that I think made alot of missionaries think, he had us practice teaching the first vision with the other missionaries, he walked around, and listened to everyone teach I noticed that as I recited the first vision he stopped and listened to us, then afterwards he had me go up to the pulpit and he put on a video of the first vision with some music and had me recite the first vision in front of everyone, that was kind of nerve racking. After he told everybody that is the kind of spirit that should be bring every time we teach the restoration. he then congratulated me and shook my hand and told me I could sit down. That was a neat experience I guess, kind of random and one that I was not at all expecting, but nevertheless it was a good experience. Its just proof that I am the most spiritual missionary in the mission, haha jk thats retarded, anyway it was a great conference and at the end I bore my final testimony, it was good and I almost got a little emotional but I kept things under control pretty well. So yeah I got everything packed up tonight, it was a pain cause i hate packing suitcases but next time I do it will be my last and I plan on throwing away a bunch of stuff. Ill sure miss this area though, it was great with Elder Heidt here, We are super similar in personality, he reminds me of myself I will miss being his companion, at least he is from Idaho so I will be able to see him after the mission without problems. I would really like to have finished my mission in this area though, but I´ll go where the Lord wants me to go and I will do what He wants me to do, this really is His mission and not mine. I just hope I can give all that I have to him these last two transfers. I hope that these can be that best transfers of my mission, it will surely be memorable, anyway I will talk to you more next week we are getting ready to leave here, but I love you guys I am always praying for you all, and also tell Jordan I'm ticked cause I really wanted to drive his mustang when I got back, now he has shattered my dreams haha. Well I love you all and wish you all a wonderful week.
Elder Kennington

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