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Monday, September 15, 2014

Week #91 Alta Floresta

Hey everyone, its good to know that its starting to cool down a bit back at home, cause its soooooooooooo hot here. I think I spent way too much time in the south of the mission cause its way hotter here in the north. The sun is so hot here, currently its 99 degrees and its not even noon yet, the hottest part of the day is usually from about 1 to 3 in the afternoon, we have been sweating like crazy here and its pretty humid as well. But I just have to get used to it again, I'm happy though and its been an interesting week I guess. Last p-day I left at 8 that night so we had the chance to go to the center and do some last minute shopping and sight seeing, we went with a good member friend named Morgana, she got her mission call this week but I think she plans on opening it today. I got all suitcases taken care and we went to one more families house before we went to the bus station, we were talking there for a bit and I commented and thanked the sister for all the dinners she made for us and I told here how her macarrão, which is like a homemade Brazilian hamburger helper was some of the best I had eaten on the mission, then she said you know what I'm going to make some for you right now, so she made us a last supper super quick, which was like 20 minutes because in thirty minutes we were getting picked up to go to the bus station, she made it and it was delicious and we took pictures and then she gave me and Elder Fuentes presents because we were both going home, she gave us both super nice hammocks, because its a super popular thing in brazil alot of houses have hammocks, they got me a nice green one, which was exactly what I wanted. Man that really bummed me out leaving Bandeirantes, I really loved the area and the members there, I think if I could have chosen, that's where I would have finished my mission, but The Lord has other plans and now I'm here way way way up in the north. I traveled just under 900 miles to get here from Campo Grande. That's even more than going from Roosevelt to the California coast. Flip it took forever, it was interesting being in Cuiabá again, I forgot how ugly of a city it is, I love Cuiabá to death but man,  what an ugly city haha, campo Grande is much cleaner and greener and more organized, everybody says that the north and the south are two completely different missions as far as looks, and I can testify that that is true haha. So,  I left Monday night at 8 and got to Cuiabá at 8:10 in the morning, and sadly  the next bus that I was supposed to get left at 8, so we arrived ten minutes late, and so I had to reschedule my bus to alta floresta for noon, so I waited in Cuiabá another 4 hours and then got on the bus, I eventually arrived in Alta Floresta at 3 in the morning, where i was received by my new companion Elder Moraes and the other companionship here as well Elder Andrade and Elder V Alves. I'm the only American in the house this transfer, so it will be good to keep up on the Portuguese. Its weird knowing that this is where I will finish my mission, or as in missionary terms we say this is where I will die.  Our house is an old house, probably built in the seventies, its made of wood, and is super hot inside during the day, but its a good house and is very large there is plenty of room and there is a huge front yard. The house reminds me alot of grandma and grandpa kenningtons house back in the day, I think its mostly the smell that reminds me of their house. I leave the fan blowing full blast the entire night, some nights it cools down a bit but most nights its just hot hot hot, I usually wake up sweating, its been a fun week though, there are few members here there's only about 30 active or so, and maybe 40 members all together, the city is a nice city it reminds me a ton of my first area here which was Cáceres, its about the same size and has many things that remind me of that cáceres. So its been about 6 months since there has been missionaries here, but still nobody knows who we are, people always stare at us as we pass by, I'm not sure why but people think we are pilots, that's the most common, the second most common is bank representatives. Its cool though we almost don't have to make contacts because people just make contacts with us. We live on the same road as the group leader, he owns a huge farm here and is loaded with moneys, him and his wife both served missions and then moved here years ago, their sons were baptized just a few months ago, the oldest is 18 and the youngest is 15. We met some really neat people this week, we taught a special family Saturday night, that had  alot of really good questions, they said that already had something to do this Sunday but they want to visit church, I really wanted to find families because that's what the group needs here is families, we have an investigator named Fabiola thats 18, I think, she went to church yesterday so we are going to try and mark her date for here in 2 Sundays. Church here is held in the auditorium of a school here, its strange because we are only doing sacrament meeting here, from 9 until 10:15 in the morning, there was only 24 people at church yesterday, so hopefully we can see that increase. I gave a talk on the importance of having challenges and difficulties in life, it was supposed to only be about 10 or 15 minutes but the other elder who also gave a talk went for only 7 minutes, I was the last speaker so I had to try and stretch my talk out otherwise we were going to end super early it was good though and ended up being 20 minutes, and church ended right on time.  the area is divided here we have the area of the center, the others have an area super far away from the center but there is alot of good people in their area, our area also has great people in it. There are quite a few little stores here I always like the city center feel and it also reminds me of Ponta Porã, because my area was also the center there. Also lunches here are the exact same every week, tuesday its in the group leaders house Wednesday its in a recent converts house, Thursday its in a members house who moved recently from Cuiabá, I actually had eaten lunch at her house several times when I was in Industriário, she was a member there and now she is here and I'm eating lunch at her house again, Friday we don't have lunch so we have to eat at home, Saturday its in a family of recent converts home, and Sunday NO lunch!  woohoo, haha but luckily we are alotted more moneys here, we get 215 reais instead of the normal 170 in the mission. Things are alot more expensive here, food that cost 2 reais in the south is 4.50  here, things are more expensive. I'm about 7 hours from my old area of Sorriso here but here it looks quite a bit different, we are surrounded by a jungle here, there are tons and tons of macaws here, its will be a good place to take pictures, its been just laughs here with Elder Moraes, we go way back it feels like and we have alot of great memories together. Pray for us to be able to find those who are ready to accept and to follow here, we have an important work to do here and we need all the help we can get. pray for us, and for all the members here. We will be traveling again this week to go to our zone meeting and it sounds like the assistants will be spending 3 days here this week as well. That will be interesting, I guess. Well I love you guys all and hope you have a great week. And I will fill you guys in well next week this this weeks happenings.
-Elder Kennington

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