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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week #92 Alta Floresta

Olá everyone, wow this week sure went by quick for me, it was a good week we did alot of stuff and I really enjoyed it. As usual its been hot, but this week was a little bit cooler, just a little bit but it made a difference. So last p-day we decided to go fishing at a nearby pond, full of little fishies, and big ones too. But every time we threw our line out the little fishies would go crazy and eat the bait off the hook before the big fish would even take a look at it, so we fished we took some pictures, made some memories, and caught nothing, it was relaxing though I guess, there was some snakes in the water and a couple of small alligators as well, we stayed far away though. So this the assistants came to Alta Floresta to do a division, on Wednesday. I did a division with Elder V Alves who got to Alta Floresta when I did, he has about 4 months on the mission and is by far the youngest missionary in the house, we went to their area which was super far away and we made a bunch of contacts, knocked a bunch of doors met some alright people, sweated in the sun, and ate some subway at the end. Thursday, I went with Elder J Batista who is one of the assistants of the north. We didn't have much time to work, because we had to get back to the house before 6 because at 7 we had to catch our bus to go to the city of Sinop, which is about 6 hours from Alta Floresta, there we would have our zone meeting, so we went and contacted a reference and taught some cool people, we made some contacts with some okay people, I guess, I liked the way he made contacts we would clap our hand and the people would come out and he would say hey remember us? and the people would be like uuuuh I think so, even though really we had never seen before, then we would make the contact, I like trying different techniques of making contacts and I like learning from other and seeing the way the make contacts and teach, that's why I like divisions because there is always something new to be learned. The ride to Sinop was fine I guess, we left at 7 and got there a little after 1 in the morning, we went to the Elders house and passed out on the mattresses they left out for us. The next day the  meeting wasn't until after lunch so we went and visited some members that Elder Moraes had known, he had already served in Sinop, so he knew most of the members there, we ate breakfast at a members house and stayed and talked for a while, then we ate lunch at another members house, then we went to the meeting it was good, and President and Sister Reber showed up too, so they watched it with us. After we went to mark our bus pass, we were supposed to leave at midnight, but the bus was full I guess so we had to mark for 3 in the morning, I slept pretty good actually on the way back and we got to Alta Floresta a little bit after 9 in the morning. We went home took a bath and then went to lunch, we have a really neat family that we are working with, like I said, its a family of 5 and they are elects, they still haven't been able to go to church, because they already had planned other thing,s but they say that this Sunday they will be there, last night we had a great family home evening there, it was very spiritual and the mom got especially emotional, we want to baptize them this transfer still, the only problem is we are still not sure if they are legally married, we think they are, but we have yet to confirm if they are or not, this would be the only problem I think, they are Marcelo and Aparecida who are the parents, and 3 daughters, Bruna, Steffanie, and Eduarda. Pray for them, Alta Floresta is in great need of families to help the church here. Thanks so much for your prayers and please continue praying for us here. Yesterday at church it was better there was 36 people at church, we had one of our investigators there again that we have been working with I think I mentioned her last week, her name is Fabiola, shes the sister of a recent convert, I cant remember if she has 17 or 18 years but she is a very smart lady and we plan on baptizing her this Saturday, so pray for her.  Here in Alta Floresta we are blessed to have a pool at the group leaders home so that's where they have been doing baptisms here, its quite convenient because if they didn't have the pool we would have to try and to baptisms in one of the nasty alligator infested ponds here, so the Lord has definitely blessed us here. I was talking to the elders in Sorriso and they said the young man named Miqueas that I baptized their is still active and going to church,  He was baptized last July I think and I was happy to here that he is still going and is active. So this week president and his wife will be coming here to ALta Floresta, I know they will be doing interviews for the priesthood and also with the missionaries, it will be good having them here I always enjoy their visits and being with them, I have been able to get to know them well and look forward to have a lifetime friendship with them, I'm glad that they live in Utah as well so I will be able to visit them more often. Well I sure enjoyed your emails and pictures I'm glad that mom made it to Logan with Aunt Aleisa, it looks like they had a nice time that's strange that she said Logan is changing alot I really like that city alot, me, kaiden, Jetson, and Robby are planning on attending college there, in next year in august, I look forward to college and its weird knowing that it really is coming up soon, the mission hasn't slowed down at all, but I'm am trying not to think about home and just stay focused, so far I have been doing well and haven't been trunky or anything. Anyways know how much I love you all and know how much I love this great work. I love the Gospel so much and am grateful to be a member of the Lord´s true and living church. So I wish you all a great week I hope that it will go fine and that you will all be blessed.
-Elder Kennington

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