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Monday, August 11, 2014

Campo Grande Week #86

Hello again everybody, another Monday haha this week has gone by super quick for me, We worked like crazy, but sadly Sunday arrived and we didn't see any fruits, it is what it is though not much we can do about it, we did our weekly planning this yesterday and we got an updated list of our ward and so this week we are going to work in a different neighborhood that's closest to the church house, I feel that we will find success there, pray for us to be able to find these people who are waiting for us. This week I was able to understand how immense our area actually is, we walked so much just to get to lunch, then we usually just stayed in the area where lunch was, everyday at the end of the day I remember walking back up the stairs to our apartment and my feet and legs just felt like jelly. We have been going after our list of members that we have, its organized by neighborhood so its easy to concentrate on just one neighborhood at a time. We have been using a list that's about 4 years old though so it was missing alot of new members and the addresses weren't all up to date. We went to alot of houses where the house had been demolished or didn't exist, its really frustrating walking for nothing, we made alot of contacts and talked to alot of people, we taught alot of lessons as well. But out of all these people that we taught none went to church and none are really elects. They are great people but I know that The Lord has others that he is preparing for us. The hard part is just finding them now. Its sure hot here though and it has made me miss Ponta alot but still Im am very happy to be here, this entire week though I have been having dreams about being at home or going home, I hate trunky dreams, me and Elder Heidt have been keeping focused though and we are working hard. Just kind of a dull week though, it went by quick but there's not much to comment on, last Monday we went to the city center, and I bought several souvenirs to take home, I have been keeping my eyes open lately for neat stuff to take home to be able to always remember the mission. If I had to guess I would say that this will be my last area and that I will finish my mission here, I guess we´ll see though, I would like that very much, this week we got a call from the executive Secretary in the mission and he asked what was the closest international airport to my house, that means that before long I will be receiving my itinerary in the email and I will know when exactly i will leave and get back home. That was an exciting moment. Also I got another postcard from Grandma Dale at the beginning of the transfer, it was a picture of Old faithful I remember well the time they took us there several years ago, I think I was 15 or 16 I'm not quite sure. That sounds fun that JOrdan and Kaden will be going and spending some time in Logan an then at Grandma and Grandpa Kenningtons, that will be fun for them, I guess summer break is almost over already, that seemed to go by pretty quickly. Just tell them to be safe and to not do anything dumb. Wish I could be with them though. I'm hearing about alot of good friends that are finishing up their missions, I'm still not sure how I feel about finishing my mission, it seems like all of the sudden it was like bam! You and have 4 months left! Tomorrow I will have 1 year and 8 months, that is what we call an old missionary. There are three missionaries from my group here in our zone, me my companion and Elder Duncan who is in another ward, and what do you know we are the oldest missionaries in our zone, we had our zone meeting this week and me and my companion were the last ones to introduce ourselves in front of the zone, its funny cause everyone was like HI I'm elder or sister so and so I I have 5 months on the mission,  and then its like Hi I'm Elder Kennington and I have a year and 8 months on the mission, and everyones like oooooooh  their so old, haha it was really funny the reaction we have a really young zone. I will send a picture of our zone meeting, me and the other two from my group were flashing a 4  for four months haha.  Also I included a picture of our room, of course my bed is the green one if are there are any doubts.  So yeah The days and weeks are going by quickly, next week when I email you guys again the transfer will already be half over. I really appreciated your emails this week thanks for always taking the time to write me, thanks for you thoughts and prayers as well. So this email is really short hopefully next week there are some better stories and more stuff to share with you guys. But know how much I love you all and I know that I love this great Gospel and church, I love being a missionary and know that these really have been and are being the best two years so far in my life.  It truly makes me happy being a missionary and I hope to be able to have many missionary moments through out my life. I love you all and wish you all a wonderful week!
-Elder Kennington

Campo Grande Zone and all the missionaries that have 4 months left.

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