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Monday, August 25, 2014

Campo Grande Week #87

Bom dia  meus queridos, so its been another quick week, I'm glad that it went by quick and didn't drag on. We worked alot we had really high numbers this week, and we were blessed to have an investigator at church yesterday. We met alot of new people this week which was cool. we went after all the members in the neighborhood of the church. There was alot of members there, alot of them had moved though, some of the people that had moved in were open but there were alot of kinda closed off people so we didn't even offer to come back, everyone was polite though some people are dingbats with the missionaries but this week was good, we taught alot of new people alot of people that we call mole, which means soft. Just alot of soft people that didn't really want to agree or make any commitments, so we cut alot of them in the first lesson. Our investigator that went to church is called José, he had recently moved into a little house where a member had formerly lived, he was open and let us right in he lives close to the church and so it was easy to walk he actually got lost cause Sunday morning we stopped by an investigators house that wanted us to stop by and walk with him to church, on the way there we passed José on his way to church, I told him there would be other missionaries there and that we would be about ten minutes behind him, he got to church but there was nobody he knew and the chapel is super big and he didn't know what to do so he got cold feet and walked back home, the investigator that we went to walk with wasn't at home,( he was probably off at some bar drunk as a skunk) so we walked back to church but José wasn't there so we called him and he said that he went back home but that he was leaving again and would meet us half way so we met with him and he went to church, he said he enjoyed it and there were alot of people who talked to him and got to know him. José is probably about 50, he drinks and smokes quite a bit but he said he was looking for a church that could help him stop with his addictions, we will work with him he lives by himself and cant read very well but who knows lets see where it goes. That investigator was some guy that stopped us in front of his house and was like hey you guys need to help me stop drinking, but is sounded more like ei sedpwesdiasdfiasodmkdfsnsduiabsdjkfgsd. It was so hard to understand him haha, he was super drunk, his name is antonio and he's like 60, and that is his life is just drinking, he said that he wanted to go to church we didn't even invite him and he already wanted to go, we stopped by his house again later in the week and his mom was there, we talked to her and shes like you need to help my son stop drinking, we were like alright by he will definitely have to put in his fare share of effort, I said a prayer there and I had a hard time not laughing cause his mom is one of those old ladies that we call Crentes, which means like Believer, but they are old and annoying and are usually that ones that have all the crazy ideas about mormons and missionaries and that think that we are all the devil and are going to hell, but she was actually pretty cool, still really weird but better then most, so alot of time when we pray these "Crentes" have the habit of praying at the same time or at least saying "words of praise during the prayers"  It happens alot on the mission but she was defiantly one of the most distracting during the prayer. everytime I said something in the prayer she would yell hallelujiah! or amen brother! or glory to Jesus! and a bunch of other stuff, it was anooying and hard to concentrate but mostly I just wanted to laugh. I want to visit these churches because they do the craziest stuff sometimes, its ridiculous to us but I guess to alot of these people its just normal. anyway anotonio wasn't at home sunday morning for whatever reason his mom said he left the night before and hasn't come back yet. Sad how alcohol controls the lives of so many people I have seen so many times on the mission the destruction of alcohol and drugs on families, inside and outside of the church. Satan really does play dirty and has no mercy. No wonder the Lord has counseled us and blessed us with the word of wisdom. Funny how every little thing in the church even the smallest commandments can have huge effects in our lives and are there to bless and benefit us. Last week we went to walmart again cause elder Heidt and never been to a walmart in brasil, it ended up making us kinda trunky because there are alot of things that are exactly like the walmarts in the states. I bought some peanut butter as well that I found at a store, it was 20 reais so it was probably like 8 bucks or so, it was that peter pan brand, I think its about twice the price here than in the states, I have been eating alot of pb&j sandwiches this week, I had forgotten how much I loved eating peanut butter and jelly. yesterday we went on splits with some brothers and we went to visit alot of less actives, we got ten lessons with members between the two of us, I went with Irmão Marcos who is the man, we walked a ton, we are trying to update the ward member list, we went to a house that had a family that had been baptized about 30 years ago and had been moved our for years and years and no one had updated the list even the the new owners said the missionaries had already past by many many times. it was a good week though we walked alot and my left shoe has a whole in it, but i will try and go another 3 months with the same pare of shoes, I gave my other shoes away o I only have these ones, but if worse comes to worse I will just by some new ones but i will try and make it by with these shoes. I remember on Friday that It was august 15, 2 years from the day that I had received my mission call, it seems like yesterday that I got it. My how the time flies. Sounds like everyone is having a hard time in the mission, the zone here hasn't baptized yet but hopefully things will get better, its usually pretty slow the first few weeks of the transfer. But yeah so that's about it for this week, we had a cool family home evening at a less actives home that we found, they said it had been about two years that that the missionaries hadn't gone there, they said they want us to eat dinner there every week. But yeah life is good there is still plenty  of work to do in the Lords vineyard.  i love you all and thanks for your emails and for letting me know how you all are I hope the brothers are having fun and grandma and grandpas and hope all will go well for grandma and grandpas anniversiary, I will pray for you all. 
-Elder Kennington

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