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Monday, August 25, 2014

Campo Grande Week #88

Its always hard to start my letters because I gets kind of boring just saying hey everybody or good morning or bom dia, so Ill start like this I guess.  Anyways its been another quick week, I don't have much time to write today cause I have to leave here because today we are going to have a dual zone activity here in Campo Grande, we are going to go to a members  "farm"  its a little place that's good for making barbecue and playing games guess, we are expecting 33 missionaries so we will be meeting them in one of the bus terminals here and then going to the mini farm, it is located at the end of our area and is about 40 minutes from our house, it should be a good time and I look forward to it. Last p-day we went to the center and bought some stuff we were with the zone leaders and they got permission to go to the campo grande shopping center to buy white shirts so we went there, it was super americany and it reminded me alot of the gateway and the mall in Provo. It was nice but things were super expensive there and it was just all rich people that go there anyway, while we were there i ate some subway and then after we went to one of the chapels in the center where there was lot f missionaries playing soccer and hanging out, I got to see alot  of good friends that i hadn't seen in many many months and also meet alot of new missionaries, everyone is so young now on the mission, they all had these astonished looks on their faces when they asked how much time we had on the mission. I still feel young though, I aint no old missionary! anyway we took a picture there which I will upload right now. So also to of my old companions will be getting on the plane back home today, Elder Geisler and Elder Piñon finshed up their missions today, they are in a group that is going home 2 weeks before the transfer because of school or something. That means that there are only 6 missionaries in the mission older than my group. That's so weird, but 3 months is still so much time and there is still so much to do. Well this week was pretty good I guess we walked alot in the blazing sun and I got pretty red. We marked a date with that guy José, but I think he was traveling or something the end of the week cause we went by his house like 3 times but his house was locked up, we even went by Sunday morning but it was still locked up. We did take a les active member to church that hadn't been in years, she is wheel chair ridden and has never been able to walk. Luckily though she lives super close to the church so we just went there in the morning and pushed her to church, she had a great reception at church because there were lots of members that remembered her I know she really enjoyed going back. I did get a little irked with one brother there who has a reputation of being a little "louco" we pushed her in and he looked at her and yelled "Sumida" which means pretty much disappeared then he yelled "fugida" which means like ran off, it doesn't really make much sense in English. But pretty much he meant to say  well look who ran of and disappeared and came back!  But the way he said it was not at all pleasing and its the last thing  people want to hear when returning to church. That grinded my gears pretty good, and I told him after that that's not the kind of reception people deserve when returning to church, i just hope it doesn't happen again. We ate alot of food this week and we had one day where we didn't have lunch and so a sister from the ward Marechal Deadoro where I had served before invited us to eat with them. It was nice being in my old area again and being able to enjoy the company of old friends. My shoes are officially hole ridden and everyday I get back home with my socks full of dirt and dust. It is what it is though, anyway so we are going to have to leave here now but next I will give a better account of whats going on. O also this week the president of the area of Brasil President Claudio M. Costa will be here in our mission on Saturday and Sunday, he will be presiding our stake conference that will be cool but I heard that he can be pretty rough on he missionaries at times, but I guess that's a good thing, I tell you about it next week.I love you all and hope you all have a great week, I hope school goes great for the brothers and I was thrilled to see that everything went great at grandma and grandpas anniversary party, which I had been there but thanks mom for the pictures. Well take care and have a great week!

 -Elder Kennington

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