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Monday, August 4, 2014

Week #85 Campo Grande

Olá pessoal, good morning to everyone, I'm tired again as usual, I'm really starting to feel that complete physical and mental exhaustion everyday, I think my body knows that the mission is coming to a close and is kinda shutting down, its weird but We just have to get out and work and it wakes back up again, but usually during lunch and at night when we get home I am just super exhausted and tired, but that's normal I guess. I'm super happy to be back here In Campo Grande i missed this place alot and I'm grateful to be back. It brings back alot of fond memories here and also alot of not so fond memories of tough times that I went through here, but I'm glad to be in the Bandeirantes ward here i feel at home already and would not mind ending my mission here which there is a high possibility that that will happen. We i'm with the zone leaders here and one of them who is new was an office elder the last 8 months, he told me that it was very likely that I will be training because he said the president is releasing all of the leaders on the mission so they can train at the end of their mission so he said that is probably what I will be doing. I have been enjoying it here though in this area and have been able to get to know alot of people that I knew before by sight, but now I am really getting to know them, it was great being able to see alot of people from my last ward in campo grande, since we share the same chapel we get to see them in between classes that was great being able to see them. Everyone still recognized me and alot of them told me to switch wards and come back to their ward again. So I forgot how hard it was to reopen a stinking area, its a pain in the butt! our area is huge and all we have is an old list of members and a map, so we ended up walking alot and talking to a bunch of people and trying to get to know our area, so far we only got turned around once. not much luck this week we met some nice people that were really wishy washy and didn't want to change many things in their life, whatever though just pray for us to be  able to find those hidden elects that are always there. Yesterday was fast Sunday so we fasted and I bore my testimony during sacrament meeting. I told them that I had 4 months left but I told them that I'm not dead yet and plan on working my buns off with them. Its weird now telling people that I have 4 months left and everyone is just like wheeeew good luck for you then I bet your super trunky, but I'm not, which I'm proud to tell people. My homeboy Elder Heidt is my companion he is from my group we were in the mtc together, we have always been good friends and we work well together. He is from Marcing Idaho, is 22 and wants to be a body builder one day. We are in a co senior companionship. So yeah I forgot what the heat is, I had spent so long in the south of the mission that I got used to the nice chill weather, I have to carry my white handkerchiefs (how do you spell that) with me cause no I'm sweating alot more again, sad thing is that its still winter here, just wait till November rolls around, the last month of my mission is going to fry me. Oh so I will put in a picture of 4 missionaries my companion Elder Heidt is to my left, we were in the same ward in Ponta Porã, he looks like he is always mad because of the way his eyes are set in his face, plus he has bad eyesight so he always squints and people think hes angry but he super chill and patient, he lost about 70 pounds on the mission, he was chunkier when he entered the mtc. So I am so happy to not be zone leader any more, I was watching the zone leaders have to deal with the exact same problems that we dealt with in Ponta, I just gave them a few pointers but mostly just sat back and chuckled to myself. I feel free and like a bunch of chains have been broken. Its was great being a zone leader and learning tons of stuff, but its so much easier just worrying about yourself and your companion and investigators. Also another picture I took is of me and a new shirt that a member made for, he gave it to me as a present, and his brother wanted to give me his skateboard cause he said he didn't want me to ever forget him, I was just like bro! I will never forget about you guys no matter what, plus we cant skateboard on the mission ahaha, the member had my name embroidered even though he killed it, he wrote the the way that they same my name which is  more or less  when people say my name for the first time Kenigheeton, its cool though and i took some sweet pictures of the shirt cause it make me look all ripped and tough like dad. But yeah so we are going to the center here soon to go by some stuff, also  I found out this week that we will still be able to have 2 suitcases of about 70 punds each, cause before we though it was alot less, but its actually only for the hispanic missionaries, so I will be able to bring home alot more souvenirs and stuff that made me happy. But there are some great members here in Bandeirantes and we have been eating well and having alot of dinners, we are going to start running though in the morning, my companion gained about ten pounds in Ponta and I gained about a and a half haha, but it will be good to run and get in good shape, s yeah we are going to leave soon But I love you guys so much and hope you have a great week!!!  With much love.
-Elder Kennington

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